Family Fellowship in PCB

Sunday Mornings at The Rock of PCB

Sunday Morning Service at The Rock of Panama City Beach brings forth our unified love for Jesus and our Heavenly Father, as Pastor Ron leads us in fellowship & biblical studies. This is our most-formal church service and is all-welcoming to men, women, and children of all ages.

10:00 AM Welcome

We welcome all ages to come to church with us.

10:30 AM Bible Time

We welcome all ages to come and learn with us.

  • Praise & worship music that ignites our focus of The Holy Trinity.
  • Dynamic study of Old & New Testament that Builds His Church.
  • Family-friendly group events and activities that Transform Us.

Gather up the whole family, yes everyone, and head to The Rock of PCB for family fellowship praising Jesus together!

What Happens At The Rock Of PCB?

Learn About Jesus

Intelligent exploration
of both the New & Old Testament.

Enjoy Music & Food

Fun experiences
that bring us together with happiness.

Celebrate Life

Authentic and raw
moments that make us who we are.

Build Our Church

Sound activities
that propel us to bring transformation.

Bringing the Truth of Scripture, the Love of Jesus, and Our Servant Hearts to the Community!

We are Your Local Christian Church in PCB for the whole family!